M1A accessories

The M1A is a semi-automatic rifle that is considered the civilian version of the M14 rifle that was designed manufactured in the year 1974. Some of the features of the M1A are:

  • Its barrel length is around 16 to 22 inches.
  • It is gas-operated.
  • Its weight is around 7 to 12 pounds in an empty magazine.
  • It has a rotating bolt.
  • Its magazine can be 5-, 10-, or 20-round.

As the M1A is a rip out from the military rifle M14, it would not be surprising to spot many similarities. However, these two firearms bore some differences.

  • M1A receivers are made from precision investment cast AISI 8620 alloy steel
  • The bayonet was dropped.
  • A muzzle brake was added to M1A to allow the shooter to aim more quickly for another shot.

Just like with other rifles, M1A can also be customized. There are a lot of M1A accessories and add-ons that are mounted on the rifle in order to improve its performance. As this is now commonly used for home self-defense, it is important that it is aided with features that will improve its accuracy in aim and in shooting. Some of the more common M1A accessoriesare listed below.

The M1A have 5-round, 10-round, and 20-round. These M1A accessories are available in different materials. Some are made of stainless steel while some are coated with Teflon. The more important aspects of magazines that should be sought for, is its dependability and reliability especially if the rifle is used for competitions.

This is probably one of the standards among all the M1A accessoriesavailable. It is used not only in the M1A rifle but also for other rifles more commonly used for household defense. During emergencies, there may be a need to free the shooter’s hands from the gun but still needs the gun to be within reach. A sling would be very useful during such times.

Rear Sight
Another thing included in the common M1A accessoriesis its rear sight. Rear sight is a vital part of the M1A rifle. A disassembled or loose rear sight can affect the accuracy and precision of a shot. The diameter of the rear sight to be bought is up to the discretion of the owner, which should be based upon where or how the gun is to be used. A smaller diameter is better for more precise aiming that is why it is advisable to use such for competitions while the bigger ones are for the more casual use such as self-defense.

The handguards also play an essential role in the shooter’s accuracy. The handguards available in the market are made of various materials such as plastic or fiberglass and differs in length. A handguard that is too long should be replaced to avoid pressure between the front band and the receiver.

These are used in order to install a scope. One of the usually recommended products for this is the one from Springfield as it is made of steel and can withstand extreme temperatures. Before choosing especially when shopping in online shops, pay attention to the details. Not all scope mounts can fit in M1A.

The add-ons that should be installed in the M1A rifle should be directed at upgrading its performance. Though it is already a highly functional rifle favored by many, regular maintenance is needed to avoid any complications among the components that may need further repair.



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