Item 1612019 Details:

Item 1612019 Details:
Pistol grips, Handgun grips, Revolver grips. A Huge selection of custom grips. We specialise in laminated wood, simulated pearl, bonded ivory and elk horn grips.

Student’s flashlight works by body heat, not batteries
( —Ann Makosinski from Victoria, British Columbia, has an LED flashlight powered by body heat. This inventor has a flashlight that glows when she holds it. The story gets more interesting, though. She is 15 years old and her flashlight has got …

Teen builds flashlight powered by body warmth
Ann Makosinski is a 15-year-old with a flashlight obsession. She won a bronze award for a piezoelectric flashlight at the Canada-Wide Science Fair last year. This year, her battery-free Hollow Flashlight has taken her all the way to the top-15 …

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