Eotech Sights, Overview

Gun sights are vital parts of guns. It serves as the guide for shooters in their aim and speed and accuracy heavily relies on the type of sights installed. Many types of gun sight technologies were developed through the years. One is the use of holographic technology especially in Eotech sights. Eotech is known for their use of the HWS or the Holographic Weapon Sight, which they first introduced in the year 1998.

One of the popular models, which have holographic technology installed, is the Eotech 512. The Eotech 512 is preferred for its speed and versatility. The holographic weapon sight installed in it makes use of a laser transmission hologram of a reticle image. In the holography used by Eotech, all of the information required is recorded in a Heads-Up display window. Heads-Up Display refers to the elimination of potential obstructions when it comes to aiming. Among these obstructions are the blind spots, tunnel vision, and constricted vision.

This type of technology from Eotech made them a common subject for other types of technology that tried to imitate the holographic features of their sights. The HWS by Eotech and is installed in products such as Eotech 512 has both its advantages and disadvantages.

The Good Side of the Features of HWS
Just like the Eotech 512, products of Eotech boast of their use of state-of-the-art designs and layouts. Here are some of the good points of using HWS for the guns

  • Brightness can be controlled. Eotech provides twenty levels of brightness for the shooter. It can be adjusted depending on the lighting available in an area.
  • Holographic patterns are instantly visible in any light.
  • Holographic patterns are automatically put into the center, no matter from what shooting angle.
  • The use of its Heads-Up Display feature.
  • It enables the shooter maximize their peripheral vision.
  • HWS is still functional even if the laminated window is already damaged.
  • Its speed and versatility for CBQ is impressive. This is one of the prominent characteristics of the model Eotech 512.
  • Window is still fully operational even if blocked with some elements such as mud or snow.

The Drawbacks of the Features of HWS

  • It can drain battery life faster than the reflex lights as it uses more power and more complex electronics.
  • Eotechs are considered bulkier compared to other rifles. It can also be a bit heavier than other guns.
  • Direct eye contact with the lights for a long period may result to permanent eye damage.
  • The reticule might have been projected in a somewhat pixelated appearance which may distract shooters who are new to holographic weapon sights.

Among gun sight technologies, the one installed in the likes of Eotech 512 is among the favorites of shooters because of its sophisticated design. Aside from the usage of hologram patterns, another more commonly used for gun sights is the red dot sight technology. Though the discussion on whether which is better between the two can be endless, it has to be kept in mind that both has its pros and cons and sometimes, it all ends up to the shooter’s preference, skill and the type of activity that the shooter will engage in.

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