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NAGR’s Commercial in ME, lobbying Sen. Susan Collins

NAGR’s Commercial in ME, lobbying Sen. Susan Collins

Thank you from NAGR

NAGR’s Commercial in AZ, lobbying Sen. John McCain

Magpul UBR Stock Review

Magpul UBR Stock Review

It is often the case that we change our weapon’s original stocks with a model that is totally inappropriate and often of low quality, just to have that feeling of creating a more adjustable weapon. It is true that for people of small or very large stature a collapsible buttstock is certainly the way to go, but this change often comes at a great cost. It can become extremely uncomfortable to achieve a good cheek weld with an adjustable stock.

There is one high quality adjustable buttstock that still offers you that solid cheek weld you want. This stock is the Magpul UBR. We know that Magpul always creates stocks and accessories of extremely high quality and the UBR isn’t any different. As mentioned already what makes this stock so great, aside from having a truly sleek design, is that it has a great fixed cheekpiece. Whatever your adjustment is you will have that perfect, comfortable cheek weld.
Here are some of the things that make the Magpul UBR stock so amazing… Read More

Zimbabwe Air Force Official Arrested Over Unintentional Shooting

Zimbabwe Air Force Official Arrested Over Unintentional Shooting
An Air Force of Zimbabwe official who accidentally shot a 14-year-old boy after trying to clear a loaded gun he had seized from a Chitungwiza businessman was yesterday remanded in custody. The wounded boy was shot on the right pelvis with the bullet protruding at the right buttock. He is still admitted to Chitungwiza Central Hospital. Gerald Gurwe (23), stationed at Manyame Air Base allegedly received information that the businessman, Mr Trust Jasi had taken his uncle… [Herald (Zimbabwe), via]

Large Arms Cache Found in Russia’s North Caucasus
MOSCOW – A cache with arms and ammunition has been found in Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia, the National Anti-Terrorist Committee said Saturday, describing the discovery as the “largest find” in recent years. The cache containing six grenade launchers, 19 grenades, two guns, two rifles, a Kalashnikov gun, a tank machine-gun and ammunition, including 100 electric detonators and explosives, was found in the Nazran district of Ingushetia on Saturday, the… [RIA Novosti (Russia), via]

Aimpoint vs. EOTech : Which is Better

Advantages of Aimpoint Rifles:

  • Aimpoint rifles come with very large knobs which enable users to quickly attach and detach the gun. This mechanism makes the attaching and detaching process very easy.
  • The lens is protected by flip up shutters or covers. For a marksman, lens is the most important part of the rifle and therefore requires extra protection. You can even shoot with the back cover on.
  • The Aimpoint Red dot sights rifles are great in aesthetics and have a very cool legacy look. The look and feel is because of the tubular design of Aimpoint Rifles.
  • 2 Minute of Angle or MOA dot for target acquisition. It is extremely crisp and comes with innumerous adjustments. Generally the adjustments depend on the lighting conditions.
  • Great battery life. It would last at least 3 days without any charging.
  • The design is highly rugged which makes it indestructible.
  • While you are shooting at close range you have the advantage of using both the eyes. All you have to do is bring the dot to the target and squeeze the trigger while maintaining a two eyed vision.
  • It is only compact on rails.

Disadvantages of Aimpoint Rifles:

  • Battery life is great but its 3V Lithium battery is not easily available in the market.
  • Handling covers like leaving covers off and making adjustments is not exactly time efficient.
  • Some consider that 2 MOA dot in Aimpoint slower than HALO dot in EOTech.

Advantages of EOTech:

  • The major advantage that EOTech has over Aimpoint is its HALO dot type of target acquisition. It is way faster than Aimpoint’s 2 MOA dot type of target acquisition.
  • Open Adjustments screws make zeroing and tweaking much faster and easier.
  • EOTech rifles have a 123 Lithium battery which not only last for long time but are also easily available in the market.
  • It comes with a new and innovative check battery feature. It flashes on start up.
  • The design is reliable, rugged and durable. You can drop it from a sufficient height or get it wet, but its functioning won’t be affected in anyway.
  • Its design is much more compact.

Disadvantages of EOTech:

  • EOTech’s blocky design isn’t always loved. Some prefer the traditional Aimpoint design.
  • It has a 2 button on and off option which is more complicated when compared to a single know feature.

Aimpoint Comp M4, the prolific optic system

Aimpoint is one of the most trusted names in the optics system and their Aimpoint Comp M4 is one of their most saleable products. It has one of the longest battery lives among contemporaries in the market. The Aimpoint Comp M4 is available for a price of $700 in the market, making it impossible for everyone to get their hands on this fine product. This is not a problem for users who can’t afford it as Aimpoint is known to manufacture similar products of the same quality in a lower price range as well. The reason why it is priced so high is because of its ability to withstand impact, dust, dirt, mud, extreme cold and hot temperatures as well as its ability to function in deep water.

The features
It has a sealed reflex sight which has a 2 MOA (Minutes of Angle) doubt that on its setting to lower parameters can be pretty precise art and over 100 meters. With increasing the brightness it becomes larger to the naked eye than 2 MOA and also creates a nice big ring where the tube meets the glass, which is unnoticeable until you are actually using it. It is more noticeable on focused groups. There are also 7 brightness settings for Night Vision and 9 levels of brightness for daylight out of which the “Extra Bright” turns it into a 40mm red light in your face.

Once you get the sealed covers off the elevation and windage, the sighting is pretty easy.  The half an inch at 100 meter adjustment is covered with anodized aluminium and full gaskets so that they are easy to take off with or without gloves and are strong enough to prevent them from winding themselves off. You do not have to worry about eye relief or parallax because if the red dot is placed on a spot, then it will maintain that line of shot when the trigger is pulled. The life expectancy per AA battery is about eight years and the battery compartment is also fully anodized with a gasket.

The mount
Aimpoint uses their QRP2 mount, it is a quick release mount which is not a lever operated release but a screw down mount with a ratcheting knob. When the mount is tightened onto a rail and will click when it reaches a significant resistance to prevent over tightening or stripping the mount. In all, it is a compact, reliable and rugged optical system which is value for money.


Remington 870 Stocks, ATI shotgun stock

Remington 870 has travelled a long journey after its launch way back in 1950s. It has become one of the most preferred shotguns in the US. Remington 870 and Remington 870 Stocks are the largest selling products. There are so many other models available in the market, but with its twin action bars and the smooth action Remington is the undisputed leader. ATI shotgun stock and Remington are the perfect companion for those who love shooting.

If you are searching for an accurate shotgun for bird shooting, there is nothing more accurate than Remington 870! The legendary shotgun has terrific appearance due to the solid receiver made from good quality billet of steel. Attain the maximum reach and reliable performance with the perfect craftsmanship. Safety measures are there with the sleek action bars (two in number). The shotgun does not get twisted and turned. The gun is not made for display, but for hunting. Get off for the second shot with the twin action bars.
Looks and appearance of the Remington guns and Remington 870 Stocks are just amazing. The gun is elegant and good-looking due to the black metal. Satin finish hardwood stocks are equally attractive. Remington guns are available in two variants, 26 and 28 inch.

People may think differently about the relevance and use of sling along with Remington 870. Well, it actually depends on the type of use. If you want it for hunting or shooting birds, then there is no need of sling. However, for professionals like security guards or police it becomes quite convenient to carry it with a sling.

Reviews indicate that ATI shotgun stock is one of the best butt stocks that fulfill the needs of customers. Those who own it for household defense or fun slugging always recommend it to others. Remington 870 Stocks are fully adjustable and anyone can use them without any trouble. The design is just superb and scientifically made to handle the recoil effect on the palm. Firing becomes very easy and convenient with the special scorpion grip of the pistol. The users have a liberty to use any type of firearm on the pistol grips. You get a perfect grip and positive hold with the special ergonomic design of Remington 870 gun and the ATI shotgun stock.

The pistol grip helps in holding the gun correctly and the elbow gets support of the body. This makes it quite comfy to use the gun. Also users admire the design because it increases the accuracy as well. The gun and stock are amazingly simple to install and easy to operate. Always purchase guns and gun stocks should from reliable and authorized outlets. Beware of cheap copycat options, because it can be fatal!

After looking at the Remington 870 and ATI shotgun stock, users do not think about cheaper versions. They never want to compromise on safety and quality while going for costly guns. The amazing portability and adaptability of the gun stock makes it a necessary accessory with Remington 870 gun!

Bullet Points – October 7

Bullet Points – October 7
NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter

Bullet Points – September 26
NSSF’s weekly e-newsletter

How to Choose and Install Mounts, Rings and Bases

Buying a great set of scope mounts, scope rings and bases for your rifle scopes is an investment you will not regret. Even the best scope and weapon combined can offer a faulty result if the bases and mounts holding them together are not fitting well. Cheap scope mounts and scope rings can ruin a good hunt, by wasting your time or injuring animals aimlessly. Often you won’t realize how badly a cheap, wrongly installed scope mount can affect your performance until it is too late. So make sure you know what you are buying when you go to get your Scope mounts, rings and bases.

Below are a few explanations about various parts needed to install a scope onto a weapon:. Read More…

NAGR Shoot Giveaway

NAGR Shoot Giveaway

Senator Isakson’s staff chews out constituent

Reid vows to continue gun control push

New York’s 254-Gun Bust: All Smuggled from Lax Gun Law States

New York’s 254-Gun Bust: All Smuggled from Lax Gun Law States
New York City police have arrested 19 people in what authorities are calling the city’s largest-ever guns bust. Police recovered 254 firearms, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. The guns were brought to the city from the US states of North and South Carolina by traffickers travelling on buses, authorities said. Mr Bloomberg is one of the most prominent proponents of strict gun control in the US, criticising the easy availability of firearms. “Year after year guns flow… [BBC News, via]

Shooting Death Reveals Gulf Between US and Australia Over Guns
The horrific and senseless shooting of baseballer Chris Lane in the prime of his life has again exposed the deep divide in gun culture here and in America. As United States President Barack Obama sends his prayers to the popular athlete’s loved ones, Australians can count our blessings we live in a different society. Three teens are accused of randomly ambushing an innocent stranger who was jogging in daylight, shooting him in the back and leaving him for dead by the… [Herald Sun (Melbourne), Editorial, via]