Aimpoint vs. EOTech : Which is Better

Advantages of Aimpoint Rifles:

  • Aimpoint rifles come with very large knobs which enable users to quickly attach and detach the gun. This mechanism makes the attaching and detaching process very easy.
  • The lens is protected by flip up shutters or covers. For a marksman, lens is the most important part of the rifle and therefore requires extra protection. You can even shoot with the back cover on.
  • The Aimpoint Red dot sights rifles are great in aesthetics and have a very cool legacy look. The look and feel is because of the tubular design of Aimpoint Rifles.
  • 2 Minute of Angle or MOA dot for target acquisition. It is extremely crisp and comes with innumerous adjustments. Generally the adjustments depend on the lighting conditions.
  • Great battery life. It would last at least 3 days without any charging.
  • The design is highly rugged which makes it indestructible.
  • While you are shooting at close range you have the advantage of using both the eyes. All you have to do is bring the dot to the target and squeeze the trigger while maintaining a two eyed vision.
  • It is only compact on rails.

Disadvantages of Aimpoint Rifles:

  • Battery life is great but its 3V Lithium battery is not easily available in the market.
  • Handling covers like leaving covers off and making adjustments is not exactly time efficient.
  • Some consider that 2 MOA dot in Aimpoint slower than HALO dot in EOTech.

Advantages of EOTech:

  • The major advantage that EOTech has over Aimpoint is its HALO dot type of target acquisition. It is way faster than Aimpoint’s 2 MOA dot type of target acquisition.
  • Open Adjustments screws make zeroing and tweaking much faster and easier.
  • EOTech rifles have a 123 Lithium battery which not only last for long time but are also easily available in the market.
  • It comes with a new and innovative check battery feature. It flashes on start up.
  • The design is reliable, rugged and durable. You can drop it from a sufficient height or get it wet, but its functioning won’t be affected in anyway.
  • Its design is much more compact.

Disadvantages of EOTech:

  • EOTech’s blocky design isn’t always loved. Some prefer the traditional Aimpoint design.
  • It has a 2 button on and off option which is more complicated when compared to a single know feature.

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