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New York’s 254-Gun Bust: All Smuggled from Lax Gun Law States

New York’s 254-Gun Bust: All Smuggled from Lax Gun Law States
New York City police have arrested 19 people in what authorities are calling the city’s largest-ever guns bust. Police recovered 254 firearms, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. The guns were brought to the city from the US states of North and South Carolina by traffickers travelling on buses, authorities said. Mr Bloomberg is one of the most prominent proponents of strict gun control in the US, criticising the easy availability of firearms. “Year after year guns flow… [BBC News, via]

Shooting Death Reveals Gulf Between US and Australia Over Guns
The horrific and senseless shooting of baseballer Chris Lane in the prime of his life has again exposed the deep divide in gun culture here and in America. As United States President Barack Obama sends his prayers to the popular athlete’s loved ones, Australians can count our blessings we live in a different society. Three teens are accused of randomly ambushing an innocent stranger who was jogging in daylight, shooting him in the back and leaving him for dead by the… [Herald Sun (Melbourne), Editorial, via]

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